Garden Work Days

We had a very long work-day last Saturday, Dec 1 from 9 am till about 5:30 pm but this was the first, and probably last, one this long. We put in all the 30 fence posts (dug 2 foot holes and cemented them in). That was our goal for today and was the single biggest effort we have on the construction schedule.
People came from a couple of hours up to almost the entire time and either help was very useful.

Weather permitting, we’ll be out there for the next several Saturdays to complete the jobs, probably starting at 10 am and lasting till about 3 pm. Again though, there is no reason for volunteers to be there the entire time.  Email to confirm work days/hours.

In terms of work to be done next: stain the posts, attached welded wire fencing between the posts, apply horizontal lumber members between the posts, spread the soil and compost that has been delivered, fix up the shed flooring and paint it (we got the shed for free), construct a compost area made out of pallets (one can find them for free on Craigslist), install a big 12′ foot front metal gate, install a small 5′ back gate, and then probably a few other things we have not detailed out.

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