PARD permit for our Community Garden

The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) Community Garden Program approves our community garden permit with approval from PARD Planning, PARD Maintenance, and PARD Forestry.

The PARD permit approval is arguably single the biggest step since it is the both the landowner and City’s approval and parameters/guidelines to move forward.

Sustainable Food Center (SFC) agrees to fiscal sponsorship

The Sustainable Food Center (SFC) agreed to be our fiscal sponsor under these Sponsored Community Garden Responsibilities

  •  Elect and maintain a garden leader or leadership team who will manage the garden
     Designate a garden liaison who will be responsible for all communication with SFC
     Draft garden guidelines within the requirements of the landowner and maintain compliance at all times
     Collect plot rental or membership fees for SFC sufficient enough to cover all utility costs
     Generate revenue for garden operations
     Take responsibility for gardener recruitment and participation
     Employ water conservation strategies at the garden
     Post protocol in the case of a water leak (including location of water cut-off valve and contact information for a garden leader and SFC staff)
     Make ongoing efforts to ensure that the garden is welcoming and inclusive to a diverse population.